Inside the Abandoned Atlanta School

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Decaying Bathroom

Sitting vacant in East Atlanta, the John B Gordon School has but a short time left in its historic life.

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Atlanta Lumber for Locomotives

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Atlanta locomotive and lumber yard exterior

In the heart of Atlanta lies a major railway construction complex consisting of various shops vacated by previous business tenants.

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Quick hits: Clemson Steam Tunnels

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Clemson Steam Tunnels

Another day, another picture- It’s the subterranean network of Clemson University.


The Bat Tower of the Florida Keys

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Bat Tower Florida Keys

Even the bats it once housed abandoned this tower shortly after its construction in 1929. And today, it remains forgotten, tucked away amongst the overgrowth of the lower Florida Keys.

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Inside the Abandoned Durham School

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Durham Whitted / Hillside Historic School

Since its inception in the early 1920’s, the Whitted / Hillside Park school has meant volumes to the history and people of Durham.

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The Newry Mill

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Newry in Winter

Enduring a range of events throughout its lifetime, the Courtenay mill in Newry, South Carolina serves as an architectural and historical marvel that epitomizes the southern textile mill.

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Quick hits: N.C. State Steam Tunnels

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steam tunnel N.C. State

The underground world of N.C. State that goes unnoticed by so many.


Fast Five, Hunger Games meet Urban Exploring

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In Northeast Atlanta lies the old Pullman-Pratt train yard, a location worthy of the silver screen.

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[Demolished] Glidden Paint Factory

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Glidden Paint Factory

Demolished back in the early part of February 2012, the Glidden Paint Factory in Atlanta was a hotspot for graffiti artists, photo shoots, and the occasional music video production.

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The Abandoned N.C. State Anechoic Chamber

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Anechoic chamber ceiling

Inside of one of N.C. State’s now closed buildings lies an anechoic chamber, a virtually silent room that absorbs sound waves. The architectural layout of the room is designed to create a muting effect, one which is excellent for acoustic research experiments.

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