Update: N.C. State Bell Tower

Earlier in the year, I posted a story detailing the interior of the N.C. State Memorial Bell Tower in its current state before it is upgraded with a 54-bell carillon. In the story, I discussed the state of the sound system:

Bell Tower Control room

Currently, the bell tower sound system is controlled remotely from the ground level of Holladay Hall.  The system allows for far more than the typical Westminster chimes that it routinely plays. In fact, the equipment is designed to play anything from old choral hymns to Auld Lang Syne and the N.C. State Fight Song. Unfortunately, no one with a full understanding of how to operate the dated technology is around to make the proper adjustments.

Well, that day has come, and someone with the knowledge of how to operate the equipment has put it to good use.

On Oct. 12, Chris Gould, the associate dean for administration in the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, played N.C. State’s alma matter, marking the first time since 1989 that the system has been used. The full story was published in the N.C. State Faculty and Staff Bulletin.



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